In this page, we index the publications of selected presentations on ICHSMT ‘2016 and ICHSMT’2017, on Electronic physician and Medical Technologies Journal


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Authors Title PDF PMC DOI
A KHELASSI Conference Report: International Conference on Health Sciences and Medical Technologies, Tlemcen, Algeria 27-29 September 2016 ICHSMT’16 URL URL 10.19082/3032
A khelassi Research highlights about contributions on cancer published in Electronic Physician Journal between 2009 and 2015 URL URL 10.19082/3309
Wolfgang Seger


The Rediscovery of the Social Side of Medicine: Philosophy and Value of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) URL URL Not yet
Joseph Kajima Mulengi Nutrichemistry, a means of preventing and healing chronic diseases URL URL 10.19082/5043


Best papers

Authors Title PDF PMC DOI
Abdeldjalil Khelassi, Sarra-Nassira Yelles-chaouche, Faiza Benais Multi-arrhythmias detection with an XML rule-based system from 12-Lead Electrocardiogram URL URL 10.19082/4357
Abderrazak Sebaa, Amina Nouicer, AbdelKamel Tari, Ramtani Tarik, Ouhab Abdellah Decision support system for health care resources allocation URL URL 10.19082/4661
 Lasgaa Meryem, Ghomari Soumia, Boudali Bouchra Safe use of capecitabine-cisplatin in metastatic gastric carcinoma with severe liver dysfunction: a case report from Algeria  URL 10.19082/4942


Conference abstracts


Authors Title
Wolfgang Seger


·         The Rediscovery of the Social Side of Medicine: Philosophy and Value of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
Habib Zaidi ·         Quantitative Analysis in Multimodality Imaging: Challenges and Opportunities
Mehrdad Jalalian Hosseini ·         How to Write Scientific Journals of the Highest Standards
Kaouel Meguenni ·         Reviews and Sensitization About Cancer in Algeria
Aicha Belgherbi, Ismahen Hadjidj, Abdelhafid Bessaid ·         Computer-aided detection of simultaneous abdominal organ from CT images based on iterative watershed transform


Hadj Abd el Kader BENGHENIA, Zine-eddine HADJ SLIMANE ·         Real-time sleep apnea detection using wavelet packet transform and support vector machines


Abdellatif BOUZID-DAHO, Mohamed BOUGHAZI, Camel TANOUGAST ·         Algorithmic processing to aid in leukemia detection
Sari Zoubir, Tliba Souhil, Zeroug Mohamed, Mammeri-Oussediks Wahiba ·         Telemedicine and e-health in Algeria facing challenges in medical practice


Mohamed REZKI, Abdelkader BELAIDI ·         Detection of muscle fatigue, from statistical methods to software applications
Mohammed Nassim Bensenane, Assia Rachida Senoudi ·         Modeling of the temperature field of a tumor tissue loaded by magnetic nanoparticles


Sidi Mohammed Lahbib Seddiki, Zahia Boucherit-Otmani, Dennis Kunkel ·         Medical and epidemiological impact of candidal biofilms, tridimensional architecture, and resistance


Chahinez Amira DAHMANI, Ahmed BENZAOUI, Fatima Zohra SEDIKI, Leila ADDA NEGGAZ, Faouzia ZEMANI FODIL, Elisabeth PETIT-TEIXEIRA, Abdallah BOUDJEMA ·         Polymorphism rs3087243 is associated with the occurrence of ankylosing spondylitis in the West Algerian population


Assia Keniche, Samia Bellifa, Hafida Hassaine, Joseph Kajima Mulengi ·         Development of new antibacterial agents


Chérifa AGGOUN, Ibtissem ELOUAR, Souad LAMDA, Dalila NAIMI ·         Evaluation of the artherogenic potential of homocysteine and its cytotoxic effect on HUVECs


Bariza Gourari, Djamel Anteur ·         Toxicological risks of water and human health, contribution to the biological treatments in the dam of Ain Zada


I Lahfa- Merad, H Aris, S Chaibdraa Tani, N Hammou-Tani, S Saidi, S Ghomari ·         Prospective observational study in early breast cancer at University Hospital of Tlemcen


Nour El Houda Bousnane, Ali Chennaf, Mouloud Yahia ·         Study of hormone levels and semen parameters in infertile patients and fertile controls from Batna


El-Attafia BENHAMIMED, Ahmed ADDOU ·         Optimization of environmental parameters followed for better clinical urolithiasis in Western Algeria


Rima Mouhoub, Karima Haddad, Sarah Goumeri, Abdel-Aziz Chibane, Raouf Oucherif, Bahia Djerdjouri, Malika Khelil ·         Redox status in benign prostatic hyperplasia and non-metastatic prostate cancer in the Algerian population