International Workshop on Medical Technologies 2017

Call for Paper

International Workshop on Medical Technologies IWMT’17


When:            Oct 10, 2017 – Oct 12, 2017

Where:           Tlemcen, Algeria

Submission Deadline:              Jun 10, 2017 Extended to  Jun 30

Notification Due:       Jul 01, 2017

Final Version Due:     July 31, 2017


The Program Committee of the International Workshop on Medical Technologies invites contribution of original articles, technical notes or reviews articles for the workshop, to be held in Tlemcen, Algeria, on October 10th, 2017, and co-located with ICHSMT’17. Submissions are invited on significant, original, and previously unpublished research on all following topics:

Topics include but are not limited to:

Health Informatics

Biomedical Science and  Engineering

Assistive Technologies in Medicine

Social Insurance and Medicine

Public Health

Patient Security

Imaging and Signal Processing for Medicine

Medical Computer-Aided Diagnosis


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Health Sciences


Health 2.0

Medical Education  and E-learning for Medicine

Laboratory Automation and IT Systems

Medical Information Systems and Information Retrieval


Social Networks, Web Design, and Accessibility in Healthcare

Decision Making in Healthcare

Collaborative Systems in Healthcare

Healthcare Applications

Applied Gamification and Game User Experience Evaluation in Healthcare

Security and Privacy in Healthcare

Ergonomics and User Behaviour Analysis in Healthcare

Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Health and Distributed User Interfaces in Healthcare

Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition Technologies, and Conversational Speech Interfaces in Healthcare

Health, Wellness, and Aging

Wearable Sensors, Interactive Surfaces and Sensor Networks in Healthcare

Smart Homes and Outpatient Healthcare

Mobile Devices and Services in Healthcare

Human-Robot Interaction in Healthcare

Brain-Computer Interfaces, 3D Interaction, Visualization Tools, Virtual and Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Mobile Computer-Human Interaction for Healthcare

Multimedia and Multimodal Interaction in Healthcare

Intelligent User Interfaces, Accessible/Adaptive Interaction, and Applied Perception in Healthcare

Recommendation Systems in Healthcare

Interactive Machine Learning in Healthcare


Applied to:


Internal Medicine



Microbiology and Infectious Diseases





Nephrology and Urology





Hematology and Transfusion Science




Community Health

Occupational Health

Environmental Health

Social Health


Drug Design


Selected top presentations will be published in issues of Electronic Physician Journal ( for free as open access. The rest of accepted abstracts can be selected for publication at Medical Technologies Journal and actaeshealthmedica. The abstracts book of the events will be published and indexed by Mehr Publishing Group.


Listof presentations

code Authors Title
1 KHELASSI et al. Medical application of contextual hybrid-based recommendation of Pubmed articles
22 Sebaa  Big Data and Medical Data Warehousing
24 chaabane  A Cooperative Aligner to Resolve Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem
26 Ikhlef  X-Ray Detector Technology Optimization in Computed Tomography
36 Ahmed Zakariya et al.  Health e-learning using virtual-reality technology in Algerian universities
43 FERRADJI et al.  Modeling collaborative learning: case of clinical reasoning
45 Wafa et al.  Classification of methods for generating pseudo-CT from MRI images for MRI-alone RT
51 HAMDAOUI  Simulation of population-genetic’s data with BioConductor open source softeware : demonstration and application by the limma package.
58 Temmar et al The new design of a remote real time embedded medical platform
92 Menani Karima, etal Regulation of Blood Glucose using Nonlinear Command generator tracker NCGT and High order sliding mode HOSM Controllers: A comparative Study
63 DAHMANI; Automatic Classification of Vocal folds Pathologies Based on Glottic Signal Parameters Using the K-Nearest Neighbors Method (KNN)
70 Younsi; Multicriteria decision making with ELECTRE III, SOLAP and GIS for spatiotemporal tuberculosis analytics
73 Meziane; Brain Structures Segmentation by using Statistical Models
74 Salah; Breast cancer classification using Fuzzy classifier
75 bengueddoudj et al.; An Efficient Algorithm for Multimodal Medical Image Fusion based On Feature Selection and PCA Using DTCWT.

Et al

Optimizing the Artificial Neural Network Parameters using Metaheuristics Algorithms.